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  • Project Brief

    Tell us your idea, we will help you generate pros and cons and explore how to enhance it even further beyond your expectations. Let’s talk and understand each other better so we know we are on the same page.

  • Brainstorming

    A wise man once said, “Creativity is intelli-gence having fun”. Well, brain + storming sure does fit the quote perfectly. We will utilize our experience, proven methods and intelli-gence to figure out solutions that applies to the project and how it can improve (and have fun while at it).

  • Analysis & Development

    After gathering the materials from brain-storming, we will list out the concerns and generate more ideas relevant to the project direction. There will be a lot of research and drawings for you to communicate with so we can choose together what the best direction is.

  • Sketching

    With your constructive feedback we will sum up the pros and cons and work out a technical solution to assist further development. You will receive 2D/3D visualizat-ions to get a better understanding of how the product will look like potentially.

  • CAD Drawing

    Once we decide together on which direction to steer, leave it to us to polish the rest of the details. We will iron out any wrinkles in the design and provide a fully detailed model to get a glimpse of the final aesthetics.

  • Mock Up

    If you want to see how the design looks in real life, we offer making mockups, so you have a physical object reflecting the design in your hands. Sometimes it is important to know the real scale of the product and how it fits in your hand, or how it looks in general. It looks like a hassle but with the 3D data, making a mockup is actually a breeze.

  • Tooling Follow-Up

    When we send the design to the engineers, we make sure it does not leave our hands completely. We will communicate with the production team to confirm everything works and no design detail is compromised from con-struction engineering.

  • Packaging

    We already provide renderings, so it only makes sense to apply those on packaging as well. The good news is we do packaging and also have the renderings in our hands, so everything is done with perfect sync. This is an optional service so feel free to let us know if you are looking for packaging as well.